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Nature of Business

It is possible now to have a company with the powers of a natural person, which is also known as “unrestricted”. More specialised companies such as mutual funds, trustee companies or those which carry on investment business, insurance business or banking business will require special consent and for these types of activities we will contact you.

Authorised Share Capital

Depending on the company’s requirements, we would suggest keeping the assessable capital to a level where it does not go over the minimum annual government fee ($650 for local/$1995 for exempt). There is no minimum par value and therefore you could have a company with 100 shares of par value $1.00 which would have an assessable capital of $100 or you could create 10,000 shares of par value $0.01 which would also have an assessable capital of $100. For an exempt company you may wish to have 1000 shares at par value $1.00 but only issue 500 and leave 500 shares for future shareholders. If you require further clarification we will contact you to discuss.

Classes of Shares

Many companies have one class of “ordinary” shares where all shareholders have the same rights. It is possible however to have different classes of shares, for example Class A and Class B, which can have different rights for matters such as dividends, voting at meetings and transfer of shares to name a few. If you require different classes of shares we will contact you to discuss.

Please note that company formations in Bermuda are subject to approval by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Compliance – “know your client” -documentation for Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist Financing purposes will be required and we will contact you with further details upon receipt of your completed questionnaire.


Contact Details

Contact details for the person who will be responsible for giving instructions in relation to the incorporation of the company and to whom our invoices should be sent.

Company Name

Proposed Activities and Business of the Company

*ie. a mutual fund or a trustee company or carry on investment business, insurance, business, or banking services

Share Capital

Companies (other than insurance companies and others carrying on business which require a license and are subject to prescribed capital minimums by relevant laws/regulations) may incorporate with any amount of authorised share capital. A minimum of US$1.00 or its foreign currency equivalent is advised.

Registered Shareholders

Please note that the share register is a public document. BeesMont recommends that the company be incorporated with one shareholder for more expedient incorporation with shareholding to be set in place upon the organisation of the company.

Directors and Officers

BeesMont will provide the registered office and corporate secretarial services unless otherwise instructed.

Financial Statements and Audit

*If other (Please specify year end)


*If yes, please specify the name of the bank and type of account.

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